2008.. 2007..

Still feels the same! Damn. So, not listening to the last post.. . I have made a new years resolution anyway. To get healthy! 9.gif I have an appointment on the 3rd to goto the doctors. I hope I go, I suck at making it to appointments, or sometimes it’s just that it hurts to much to get out of bed.

I need to pay of my damn bills! Stupid credit card bill just keeps growing. I hate interest. 8.gif I so need a job. I listed a photographer AD on Craigslist.org, I’ve got one reply.. . but it’s kinda creepy sounding. Once I heard some lady found a job on CL, well she was going to the interview which was over in Seattle and she ended up dead. I also listed some stuff on CL that I bought off Ebay to resell. Some idiots kept flagging some of my posts though and it kept getting removed. Irritated the shit out of me. Craigslist really really needs some REAL moderation and not just a bunch of who knows.. ruin it. BUT hopefully the stuff will sell and I can earn a little cash. 9.gif Craiglist is a great place to buy/sell .. and even get free things locally! You gotta check it out.

I miss World of Warcraft soo much. Yes, I play. My poor little warlock has been ignored for the past few months though. I can’t wait till I can pay off these bills, and then I can start playing again! I feel bad about the way I went out though, left my guild like that.. some guild leader huh. That’s the reason I started it in the first place, because I was pissed off at our guild leader for doing the same shit I did. Haha, the irony.

I got a new Elfen Lied wallpapper! Isn’t it just beautiful!!! 3.gif I ♥ Elfen Lied. Best anime EVER! I just wish they had made more episodes.


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