Recipe for a good day


  • Hubby’s Bday. Another year of awesomeness. #
  • Waiting for Sister. #
  • The pool is nice. #

I decided to take the girls to the pool today. Nikisha got home from school at 11:45am along with the rest of the morning kindergarten classes. The rest of the kids get home from school around 3:30pm. The fact that all the other kids were still in school made it possible to go to the pool because there would most likely be no one else there.

As I suspected, we were the only ones there. Despite this fact, we still only stayed for 45 minutes and only played in the little pool that is only 1.5 feet deep. The girls still had fun. Lorelai even got to play in the water for a bit. Then she had me chase her around the pool. We did good and had fun. Maybe we’ll go again soon.

Today was also Dave’s birthday. After work he went with his co-workers to have a few drinks. On their way to the apartment afterwards, they picked up the PS3 for some Guitar Hero action. Amber bought the pizza and I supplied the beer. It was nice. No one got super drunk or anything and Dave had fun. The girls loved the company and I almost had a hard time putting Niki to bed.

Overall, it was a busy day, but at least it was a good one.

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