The END is near…

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and we must all go.

  • trying to get mandy to come over #
  • Going Pro #
  • Time to get Nik already?! #
  • leftover pizza for lunch… and possibly dinner. omg *dies* #

I’ve been trying to get Mandy to come over and stay a while. Maybe she’ll like it here and decide to move in with us. Tried tempting her with The End but it doesn’t seem to be enough. I know she’d love it out here. She could probably find a better job out here than over there. There are also really good schools out here, or so I’ve been told. Someone even told me there is an awesome art school she could go to. Plus, we could go to shows together. I really would like to go to some with her. We’d both have an awesome time.

I guess I could just keep trying. At least until I give up.

Anyway, I upgraded my Flickr account to Pro. The free account was holding me back. Now, the possibilities are endless. Okay, so I’m exaggerating, but still, this will be so much better.

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