Good things for good people


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Mom called today to tell me about her great news. She got a whole bunch of really nice things for her house for free. All she needs to do is the labor to get them out and bring them home. She spoke of a hot tub, cabinets, a glass chandelier, sinks, toilets and so much more. I’m so freaking excited for her. I wish I was there to help her. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

She’s been through so many battles lately, physically and emotionally. It hurts me to see her that way because she’s such an awesome person. She, of all people, doesn’t deserve all the pain she endures regularly.

Deep inside my heart I hope that things change for the better for her. I wish those around her would open their eyes and see that she only wants good things for them. If only they would listen to her words of wisdom and do what’s right for themselves and those they influence daily. She doesn’t say the things she does just to be mean. She says them because she worries the wrong path is being paved and followed. She says them because she cares and only wants the truth to be known, even if it hurts.

I wish people would stop thinking only of themselves and start thinking about others. Stop and think about what their actions and words are doing to those that see and hear them.

Mom: don’t stop trying to make things better in this world, but please don’t let it destroy you. You are only one person and can only do so much before it’s fatal. Do know that Dave and I love you and hate to see you hurt for such awful reasons. Remember that, even though we’re farther away, we’ll always be here for you. Even if it is only in thought and verbal comfort.

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