Tragedy strikes again

At this very moment the hubs, the girls and I are on a last-minute roadtrip to E-Burg. Normally these trips are the result of us wanting to be spontaneous. To get away and have a little fun.

This is not one of those trips.

Just 2 hours ago we got a call from my mom-in-law saying her brother just passed. The hubs’ uncle. We knew it would be soon because he’s been sick for a while. We just didn’t realize it would be so sudden.

I can’t get into detail about it because it’s not my place to say any more than I already have. I’m just in a state of worry. For my hubs & his family. They’ve had too many tragedies already.

So here we are, on the 90, heading to his uncle’s place. 1.5 hour drive and we’re halfway there. No real plan about what we’ll do about the fact that he works at midnight. Just 8 hours from now and no one to replace him. Call to say he can’t make it and risk losing his job? Or drive back home, get no sleep, and try to make it through 6+ hours at work? We haven’t decided yet. But.

His gma is there. Alone. To deal with the loss of another child. The third loss in around as many years. She needs someone and we’re the closest to her.

I’m not sure what the hubs will decide, but I’ll support his decision, I’m sure. I’m here for him, afterall.

This is going to be a long week.

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