Laughing gas

Warning: This is that kind of blog post.

Lately the whole family has been giggling over fart. Every game Niki plays ends with her saying FART! or POOP! and then she laughs uncontrollably. The hubs and I can’t help but laugh too. Then, whenever one of us lets out an audible one (usually by accident or when we think no one will notice), Maeby giggles and says “Heehee, you fawted!” or “I fawt!”. It’s sooooooo cute.

And the two girls love, Love, LOVE to make fart sounds with their mouths. Sometimes they stick their butts out toward us to enhance the experience. Most of the time it’s too funny or cute to get upset at them and tell them to stop. I know I should probably teach them that it’s not nice to do, but I can’t. I’m usually too busy laughing.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but even though fart stinks, in this house it’s funny shit.

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