Happy early birthday my LOVE!

It’s Jason’s birthday tomorrow. He’s so old. *Giggles* But I’ve already spoiled it and gave him his presents like, 6 days early. I suck, and I couldn’t help myself. Oh well though. He needed it though, I got him a new jacket. It’s a cool one! It’s like 3 jackets in 1. I wanted him to be warm, and then I got him a new wallet. His old one was broken. :0 I did get him some other stuff… small stuff, and then just tonight I had to get him more stuff, but they’re secrets for now.

Work has been horrible for me. The work is easy yes, but I’m just not healthy enough to do it. I get horrible back pains where I even start crying in front of customers, and I keep getting really dizzy and I accually threw up today. Not to mention I passed out too. I hate it. I hate feeling like this all the time.

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