Happy New Years everyone! And a late merry x-mas! I hope everyone had fun. I was uhm, well at a … game shop for the new year, playing games. :D   A few days ago I celebrated already at Kali’s house, and I got so sick. Jack’s fault. I felt blehghghh.. I puked, alot. Pluerisy came into the picture and I couldn’t breathe, so they called 911. By the time the cops got there I was all sobered up, they came in and told me to turn over. I replied “I can’t” because of course I was freaking hurting, and a fucking 300 pound pig had to jump on me and put me in cuffs. My hands are all bruised up, and my back has been hurting so much more now. I ended up with a minor in consumption + posession. My brother, Jason and.. Jason had to drive up to Idaho and pick me up. After I got home I was so dehydrated, so of course I drank lots of water, and just ended up puking right after.  I just kept drinking though, and puking, at least after I puked I felt a little better. I felt like I was dying until the next night. I’m so glad it’s over though. Jack kicked my ass.

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