Driving in a winter wonder road!

It’s been freaking snowing all day. Today we went into town to go get some more magic cards and were planning on going to a tournament, but that part didn’t work out. I got a second angel though, :D .! Yey-ya. Ok, shut up I’m a geek. I wish I had my old magic cards. I bet they’d be pretty spendy. The streets were covered in ice. It’s so pretty. I had to go like 35 mph all the way home. :0 Sllll  ll o  o o o owww mooo ttti on. Saw two cars that got in accidents today. One was a head on, the other iuno wtf he was doing, going too fast prolly and ended up in a ditch between the highway. Dumb people. AND OMG, I HATE when STUPID people have to drive like a foot behind me. I don’t care if I’m going 10 mph, it’s ICE damnit, and .. yeah, it wouldn’t be good if a freaking deer jumped in front of me, idioto. Man. Well anyways, I posted up a new picture. devoted.jpg  <— There it is!!! MAGNIFY TIMES! :D No, hehe go to photography to take a look. I also added random and favorites. Put in some pictures of the yummy food you could make in recipes. So go to cooking! Believe me they’re good. Blah blah enough blabble.

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