Wishful job hunting

Lately, I’ve been searching the job listings looking for a part time job I can do when Dave’s at home. It’s not just for the money, I hope you know. We need insurance for the girls, which we don’t have because we are no longer getting state assistance. I also have this need to work. I can’t stand NOT working because it makes me antsy. I guess you can call me a workaholic. I’ve ‘officially’ worked since I was 14, which is over 13 years ago, but I’ve been doing odd jobs for family since I was 8. I used to eat up overtime like it was candy and hated when I didn’t get enough.

I’ve also been considering getting a full time job because it’ll help us out more. Problem is, I’d have to put the girls in a daycare because I don’t know anyone who could babysit in-home. I don’t want to hire just some random person to babysit, and I’d have to do some serious researching to find a daycare I can trust. It’s hard to consider and is a very scary subject.

I’ve seen a lot of jobs I might be able to do. I’ve also seen a few jobs I’m PERFECT for. I just found out that Wizards (of the Coast) is hiring a temp Administrative Assistant and they are asking me if I want the job. Problem is, I can’t just apply because if I got the job, I wouldn’t know what to do about my girls.

So, you can see why I’m getting frustrated that I can’t work, right? Anyone want to help me figure this whole thing out.

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