Alone once again

The apartment is quiet again. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and I’m already feeling kind of lonely. It was nice to have someone hang out with every day. Don’t laugh, but my mother-in-law is one of my closest friends. She gets me when others don’t.

Maybe it might be too much to do for a longer period of time, but the 9 days they were here was nice for all of us. Dave enjoyed not having to do anything (but work) and I told him he was getting too spoiled. I got to hang out with Mom almost the whole time they were here. The kids, though they did end up fighting a lot, had a load of fun and I wish it didn’t end. We actually spent most of the 9 days cramped in the tiny apartment together, which seemed really small, but it was hard for anyone to run and hide. Which is nice considering we hardly ever all hang out and it was about time we did. Too bad some of the others didn’t make it.

Hopefully the next time they are all out here to visit, we’ll have a house of our own that will be able to fit everyone in it. Maybe they’ll even consider coming to stay.

Oh my. I have so many pictures from the when everyone was here that I don’t even know where to start and what to put up. I even stole Mom and Mandy’s pictures. Just from them alone I got over 1,000 pictures. Holy! I’ve got to get moving.

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