Yay new theme!

Isn’t it just beautiful?! It’s because my sexy is in it. *stares at him dreamily* I’m proud of this theme. =]

Anyways! Had a MRI of my brain on the 8th. I have no idea what most of the shit means, I even tried looking it up! But there are a few things that didn’t come out normal. I will type them out below, so if you know what it means, let me know. lol..

There are a small number of small, diffusion negative T2 and FLAIR hypertensities in the subcortical and periventicular cerebral white matter bilaterally, mainly in the bilateral frontal and parietal lobes, nonspecific.

Major intracranial arteries and dural venous sinus flow voids are preserved

The orbits, paranasal sinuses, skull base, calvarium and craniovertebral are normal apart from minimal right maxillary sinus disease, Mild nasal septal deviation to the right.

Like I said, I am clueless… are you? <.<

On another note yesterday was my best friends birthday! Her 21st actually, and I couldn’t be there. I feel so bad, yet I never got a invitation anyway. Lately we haven’t been the best of friends, I was mad at her for awhile and we’ve only talked a bit.. I still wonder why the hell I never got invited. I haven’t seemed to matter to her anymore, except by words. But I know just as well as anyone else, “actions speak louder than words”.

I also wanted to tell my mom, I love her very much. She’s the best mom, and friend in the whole world. I don’t know what I’d do without her. Thanks so much for all your help! Love you as much as the sky! <3

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