CSI Seattle

I woke up to the quiet words “Daddy. I need your help.” from the master bathroom. She has the cutest little voice, but there was something that worried me.

There was blood splattered on the wall, drops on the carpet, and some smeared on the edge of my towel as Niki reached for the light switch. The shower is running and Dave is cleaning up some of the mess. I get up and walk into the bathroom to see what happened. I pull back the shower curtain to find Niki with a bloody face. She had a bloody nose and couldn’t get it to stop this time.

I guess it’s been too dry in my apartment. Add the fact that Niki’s been sick all week and was super dehydrated despite my best efforts to get her to drink more liquids. This morning would make Day #3 she had a bloody nose. I immediately dug out the humidifiers, filled them and turned them on.

This isn’t the first time she’s had a bloody nose. She gets them every now and then. She gets them so much that she doesn’t freak out or anything. She’s quite the trooper for a five year old. She just goes to the bathroom, gets some tissue, covers her nose and lays down until it stops. That is what she did the first two mornings it happened, and I only knew about it because I saw some blood in the sink and on her shirt.

I’m sure if CSI came to Seattle, my apartment would make the perfect “crime scene”. Let me just say this, I’m not punching her THAT hard.

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