Cutest Daddy Photo Contest

Sometimes boredom causes me to enter photo contests even though I know I probably won’t win. Doesn’t matter because it’s fun to try. If I actually win, that would be awesome.

Today I entered this photo in the Cutest Daddy photo contest on and am now asking you all for your help.

show me "mad"... perfect!

If you think my photo is the cutest, go there and rate and recommend it before March 14, 2008 with however many stars you think it deserves. There might be a pop-up asking you to subscribe, but you don’t have to. Just close it and then vote for me! The higher the start count, the better. Personally, I think it deserves 5 stars, but maybe I’m being bias.

If the photo makes it to the top 5 after Round 1, we’ll go on to Round 2 where you can vote again. If that happens, I’ll let you all know. The winner will receive an 8GB iPod Nano. If that’s us, you’ll make one awesome 5-year-old so extremely happy.

So go now and vote! Then cross your fingers, toes, and anything else you’d think would help us win this contest.

*Note: Rating and recommending are two separate things. Please do both.

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