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Post holiday

I started working on my 2008 recap entry, but I’m a bit too busy (as usual) to finish it. Maybe I’ll be able to get to it before 2009 is over. Maybe. The time seems to be going a little too fast for me.

I’m also really tired. So tired I couldn’t even fully celebrate the new year and was yawning just before midnight hit. The last few months of 2008 had me busy. The 3-4 weeks before Christmas even busier. With the economic setback we’re all experiencing, the fact that we put a lot of money into getting our business started without making any back (yet), and my urgent need to get crafty, I had decided to make the gifts for all the adults. I’ll try to write blogs on my experiences later, but for now, I just wanted to give you an idea of how busy I’ve been.

Worked hard and stressed a lot prior to our trip to Spokane, but it was worth it being able to spend time with our loved ones. The great responses to the gifts was an added bonus and I’m glad I went that route.

I’m beat. Starting off 2009 tired and worn out, but it won’t get me down. I know that it was all worth it and once I’ve rested and gotten things organized once again, I’ll be back at full force.

Here’s our first picture for 2009. Us. Tired and worn out from 2008.

1st of 2009


Learning names

Niki: Mommy? What’s your daddy’s name?

Me: Michael

Niki: What is your mommy’s name?

Me: Terry

Niki: I know what Daddy’s mom & dad’s names.

Me: Oh really? What are their names?

Niki: Grandma and Grandpa