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Last day of school

Last Day of Kindergarten

My girl is all grown up and even more beautiful than she was on her first day of school.

Niki, you are officially a 1st grader now. You go girl!


You’re Welcome

How could you not love this? She’s not even 20 months old yet, but she says “you’re welcome”, “there you go” and “dora boots”.. along with a few single words here and there. I love it!


Nap time

The weather outside has been weird today. Still, the sun came out for a little bit and Niki wanted to go outside, so I let her. When the sun hid behind the clouds again and refused to come back out, she decided it was time to come back in.

Then she sat down and watched Talking Hands, a dvd we picked up at Babies R Us while shopping for a baby shower gift. She loves this dvd and watches it over and over again.

Anyway, just a few minutes ago she said to me:

“Mommy. I’m going to go upstairs and take a nap. Wake me up when it’s time to go get Daddy, okay? Wake me up. Don’t forget.”

She’s up there now quietly playing and will be asleep in just a few more minutes. She’s awesome and I still can’t believe she’s turning six in a little over a month.


Kindergarten performance


blah blah blah

Well, what a week it’s been. Had a cardiology appointment a few days ago, and well he wanted to hospitalize me.. right then and there. It was amazing to actually find someone who thought what I was going through was not normal. Everyone else just seems like it’s not a big deal, and well I guess it leaked on me too. I just got use to the fact of hurting and learned to suppress it. But wow. I told him I had some stuff to do so we arranged for me to be admitted the next day so I can get a bunch of testing done. So, I got sent home with a 24-hour heart monitor. It ended up giving me welts and made my skin bleed. Stupid things! I hate allergies. Anyways, the next day I went in. Everything was going fine, my Mom dropped Marty and I off and got me settled in. I got to order lots of food, and watched Family Guy. It was kinda nice. Hours later, around like 1 – 2am, the pain began. A little tears here and there.. Then it lead to screams and agony. The nurses did absolutely.. well nothing! It took awhile but I eventually was able to get some hydrocodone, still did nothing for me. The nurse refused to call the doctor to see if we could get some more pain meds. Her excuse was she didn’t want to wake her again. So my mom came to pick me up. Marty remembered the last nurse say they’d have to call the doctor if I left. So he asked if the nurse was going to call to tell the doctor, she replied yeah sure want me to?.. We were all just, in shock. I mean she’d call the doctor to tell her that we were leaving yet, she couldn’t call to keep me out of pain? What kind of bullshit is that? It is their job to keep me out of pain! I just.. can’t understand it. Marty even asked her that, and she replied, “how about I just have security escort you out?” and she walked out. So, of course we left too and on our way security came and walked us out. I hate hospitals, I hate ambulances, doctors, nurses… ugh! They have no passion anymore, care more for the money than the patient and that’s not how its suppose to be. They’ve lost their values.

I finally thought that it was my turn to get everything right, thought it was about time to find out what was wrong. I guess 9 years isn’t enough.


My professional bowler

As a joint Mother’s & Father’s Day gift, as well as my birthday present, we bought a Wii. After like 20 hours of play, we’re addicted.

This is our first family game system and I feel like it’s the perfect choice. Some of the games get us up and moving. We’re already sore from all the play.

After only a few games, Niki is beating me at bowling. I’m so proud.

The BIg Wiinner!