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Slowing down a bit

Trying to post Niki’s photos daily is too much work for the both of us right now, so I’m probably going to change it to start out with twice a week. At least until we can get into the swing of things. Then maybe we’ll pick it up to three times a week. Or four. We’ll see. Just be patient with us. Okay?

Niki’s Mama


Maeby the Egg Hunter

(Sorry the video sucks, but youtube compressed it.)

At almost 17 months old, she didn’t need her mama’s help. She was an independent girl who can take care of things herself. She got a total of 13 eggs. I was so proud.

Btw, that was not me who threw the eggs in. The girls conducting the hunt would toss them in at random when they notice the kids were running out of eggs to find.


Happy Easter!

oo. easter is tomorrow! Yay, I’ll get lots of candies.. hopefully.. lol. Been in the easter spirit all week practically. My mommy made beautiful easter baskets. I just wrapped them last night. They’re so pretty, way better then the ones at stores, which are filled with like 2 candies and cheap toys. MM eggs. I remember when I was little my brothers and I would sit on this big rock outside our house and salt our eggs and eat em. ! It’s making me want an easter egg. I can’t wait to paint them tomorrow for the kids!

On another note, pain sucks. T_T


Baeby OCD


Within a couple minutes she was able to line them all up.
(here’s another one)


Poop there it is!

potty_training001.jpgA little over a week ago I started putting you on the toilet for a few minutes a day to get you used to sitting there. You didn’t seem to have too much of a problem. I’ve also been allowing you to run around without your pull-ups so you can get used to landing on your butt without a diaper. You loved the feeling of being free and would run around with the happiest look on your face. Until I put a clean pull-up on you.

Whenever I think you’re about to poop, I pick you up to put you on the toilet. It never worked because you were actually finished before I’d pick you up. Today was different. I caught you on time. You pooped in the toilet for the first time. I know that this doesn’t mean you’ll catch on right away, but this mama can hope, right? At least if I figure out your usual routine, I could save on pull-ups, water and baby wash. If you’re potty-trained within the next few months, you daddy and I would be the happiest parents on the face of the earth. So I was wondering, how much do you love making us happy?


Maeby we can kick it sometime

While waiting for Niki to get out of jazz class, I decided to give the large grassy area on the side of the building a test run. It’s possible that will be the place where Maeby and I will be hanging for at least half an hour every Wednesday until Niki’s class is over.

Got out the little ball we bought her a while ago but never really got to use. At first she just ran around holding it until I told her to throw it. She did, and she loved it. Then I kicked it a little to show her what else she could do and she did it. It was awesome.

It’s hard to believe she’s only 16.5 months old.

When I told her to kick it, I didn’t actually expect her to understand. So you can imagine my surprise when she did.