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Baeby Steps

Finally got a video of Maeby walking.

Soon, she’ll be running. She’s already trying.

Btw, by posting the previous entry, I DID jinx myself. That same night she woke up twice as usual. Heh.

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Getting Some Much Needed Sleep.

I know that just by posting this I’m jinxing myself, but I want to document this.

The past two days Maeby has been sleeping through the night. Normally she would wake up around 1:00AM and then again at 4:30AM or so. Then she gets up at 7:00AM and refuses to go back to sleep. After getting into bed past midnight every night, you may be able to imagine how tired I’ve been.

It’s been nice the past two mornings. I’ve been able to get just a little bit more sleep. I just hope that it continues. I need more sleep these days because I have to have the energy to keep up with Maeby and her big sister. They wear me out, but I love them. Believe me, they are lucky they are cute!!

Here’s a picture of Maeby wearing a cute t-shirt from a good friend of mine.


Believe me, she did.

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pretty in stars!

Well I finally got bored enough to change my layout and fix some other junk on here. Too much has been going on lately I have no time for the computer anymore. I’ve been going crazy. Hectic. I feel like letting go. Half alive but mostly dead. I shove it in a little bottle deep within and try to keep happy. Keep singing in my head. Jack Johnson and Bob Marley are my best friends. =]

Hoping to start school soon, but been putting it off so much I probably already missed the deadline. But honestly, I’ve never done this before.. . I really don’t know where to start. Oh well, I’m still young right? -.o


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Loves To Slide


She didn’t actually slide. She just sat on the slide and I was able to get a pretty fancy picture of her.

There is one thing I would like to mention. She’s walking now. Yes, that’s right. Walking. She can take up to 5 steps on her own. It makes me so happy and brings me back to when Niki started walking.

I’m working on videos but she doesn’t seem to want to cooperate.

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IKEA Craezy

Since moving to Seattle we’ve gone to IKEA about 4 times. We’ve only been here two weeks. While at IKEA, I stumbled upon the IKEA Jr. section. I wish I had been prepared for this. I fell in love with the stuff they had there and wanted to cry the whole time we were there.

Amongst the selections my favorite items were the MAMMUT collection. Especially the wardrobe and dresser.

There are also the toddler bed, a little night stand, the children’s table, chair and stool. I went completely bonkers while I was there and wanted to buy everything. Of course, I couldn’t because we don’t have the money.. yet. I say “yet” because once we have the money, I’m probably buying some of these things. Until then, anyone willing to donate to the cause, feel free. Maeby’s birthday is coming up and she’s going to need a new toddler bed. *hint*

I did buy these star-shaped nets to hang in the room and put some of the girls toys and stuffed animals in them.

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The Boss

This little one has one mean temper. When she wants something or wants you to know how mad she is, she starts screaming at you. If she can’t see you, she’ll scream as loud as she can to get your attention. She can really get pissed. I’m thinking she might get that from me, but I can’t be too sure.

She’s the new boss in the house. Poor Nik can’t compete.

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Today Lorelai ate her first little bowl of Cheerios. I was scared to give it to her at first, but I thought I should try. I had to give them to her one by one because whenever I gave her more, she’d shove as many of them as she can in her mouth.

Anyway, she loved them. That’s all.

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July 28th I could of lost you. I know you hate me. I want you to know that I love you so much. If anything ever happened to you it would kill me. I know you do not believe me. I see you work so hard. Remember the hardest job you will ever have is raising your kids. It is 24/7 for a life time. They need you. It gets harder when they grow up. Don’t ever forget what is important.

As for me not raising you. Josh, I am so sorry you feel that way. You went with your dad in 1992 I went to pick you and Mike up in 1993. You fought with me and would not leave your dad. So I let you stay. You blame me for that, and I do not understand why. You were almost 13. I am sorry if you are hurt about that. There was not a day that went by that I did not worry about you. I remember the day you called me when you were locked in your room and that woman and was trying to hurt you. Do you know when I went to Guam I looked for her? If I have found her I would of kicked her ass. Also the time when your appendices burst. Boy I found your dad and yelled so hard and told him to take you to the hospital. He fought with me but I did not give up. We went there in 1996 you were almost 16. I went back to get us all back home. But it did not work out that way. We all stayed there until 1999. We all moved back here on Christmas day in 1999. The main reason we moved back here was because our children was not safe on that Island. Your dad finely seen it and believed me. Now we are here. Yes Josh life is hard. There will be times you just want to give up. Being rich is not whats important. Whats important is your family. Money can not give them love. Remember that. I love you Josh.

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Aug. 3rd 2007 was Davids first day at work. He seems to like it a lot. They got the house too. I am so proud of both of them. However I am going to miss them so much. I am also going to worry more as they are in the city. I wish I had money so I could help them. They work so hard. Also I miss my grand babies. I will not get to see Baby’s first steps. Niks first day at school. Boy, the memories that are going through my head. Davids first day of school. He would not let go of my hand. It was such a sad day. I wanted to go back to school and bring him home. I had to fight myself. Now look you have your own family, and your first daughter is ready for her first day at school. I know Nik is ready but are you?

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