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Well, I’ve went to court! Finally. I pled not guilty, and well, I’m waiting for my court date. Drove freaking 2 hours, to plead not guilty. How lame is that?

I’ve been craving candy like crazy, iuno why. I want… millions! Who needs food? NOT ME, I’m candy mandy. =)

WELL, hopefully we’ll be going down to California on the 27th. Still have been waiting on someone for the plane tickets. :/ Hopefully it’s gonna work though. Jason has already taken the two weeks off. And, well that’d suck if we were stuck here. We’d be short on money and bored! I really really need to get a job. I’m a bum. T_T I have been looking though, most of them I can’t even freaking do cause my stupid health, and it sucks. I did get .. a sorta job taking pictures though. BUT I’d have to go places, and well . . oh yeah, I have no freaking car JAY. I hope he gets his ass moving and gets a job, he really set us behind. My poor car was almost paid off too. 5 more payments! How lame is that. Too. =(

Yesterday I watched Eragon, I’ve been waiting forever for it to be released and god, it was sooo not worth it. I mean, I guess it was because we rented it for.. free. But, IT’S GAY. It started out okay, a few parts I liked. The part where the dragon flys up and gets all big was cool looking. HAHA I loved it when he looked up all sad cause his dragon flew away. But it skipped all the good parts where it should’ve been funny. Where the dragon is young, and dumb. The part where he fights the shade was awesome too. The movie ended WAY too soon though. You don’t feel anything for the main character, he’s just some weak dude who has strong powers that make him faint. XD The coolest guy in the movie died. Pfft. Well since it’s a 3 book series thing maybe the others are better. Hopefully.

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Well I got to watch my granddaughter, Baby, On 3-3-2007. She had to get use to me. She was a lot better the next day. She such a pretty girl. Thanks David & Nicole. Anytime you want another break….Give me a call.

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