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Sad Day

Well my sister, Patty past away. She went to our Lord on Jan. 22, 2007 @ 9:45 pm and four seconds. I miss her so much. When she went she took part of me with her. We buried her on Monday, Jan. 29, 2007, started at 1:00 pm. I love and miss you so much………….

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Yay I’ve made smilies, and added a couple new poems. Kinda switched it up a bit so “about” is about the website itself. I’ll be making alot more freebie stuff for all of you. So be checking. I also have a bunch more recipes and poems to add. Whenever I do get unlazy they will be up. I think it’s time to play World of Warcraft now. I’ve been too distracted with this site to pay attention to my little priest. Poor kitten.

Here’s a fun connect the dot game to play: Scibble. You have to try it, one of Jason’s many cool finds.

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Dizzy spells.

I keep feeling dizzy. It sucks. Passed out once. :( Jason’s car broke down today. So I had to go pick him up from work, and now I’m eating the snack wrap and fries he bought me. Yum yum. I made this new layout! I likes it. I added another recipe! Yummy BBQ Ribs. You HAVE to try them.

It’s almost valentines. I’m planning on doing something special for Jason. Don’t know what yet though. Any ideas?

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Standing in the middle of a crowd screaming my head off, and no one ever hears me. It feels like everything is falling apart in front of me. I can’t escape. I can’t trust anyone. I feel so lost, and I don’t understand. No one understands. I want to escape this. Just run away. No one to turn to anymore. I just want to get away. I hate myself so much, I wish I could just end it. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I don’t know what to do. Why do I have to think! My head just won’t stop, no matter how many times I bang it on the wall. It just won’t stop. Please. Stop. Mom, I need you. Please come home.

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My Aunt Pattie passed away. I feel horrible, I feel so much regret. I wish I could’ve been there for her, like when she was there for me. I wish I could’ve done something. Traded places maybe. I just miss her. RIP Aunt Pattie. I LOVE YOU.

picture-217.jpgpicture-219.jpgpicture-223.jpgWell, my car is totaled. Jason Jay kinda uh fish tailed in into someone’s fence, and yes, it’s gone.  He says he was going the speed limit, but I doubt it.

In this house greed has taken over, everyone seems against eachother and I hate it. My body is so sore, and bruised up. It’s hard to walk around. It’s a long story which none of you should know so i’ll just shut up about it. I have a court date for the minor in consumption ticket thing I got from before new years. I think I’m gonna have to reschedule though, I have no transportation. I know I’m gonna win though. They had no right doing what they did. We called the ambulence because of my pluerisy, and they never even showed up. Just the dumb cops to hurt me. :/ I hate cops. I really miss Kali though. It was so fun being with her again. She makes me feel alive. I wish we lived closer together again. Like the old days, we’d just ride bike’s to eachother, and meet at cronic creek or faerie island. HAHA. That was the best. I miss it.

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