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Omg ice.

Streets been super iced and I don’t even have snow tires yet. So as you can imagine, my car likes both sides of the street. I can’t even stop going 20 mph. It’s so crazy. First day it snowed, I went to work, and my door was even iced shut! The parking lots were also freezing so I slipped alot too. Caught myself though. I can’t stand it, it’s so cold, I just want to lay under my covers all day andĀ hold Jason. Or play Ulitimate Alliance. It’s a sweet game, pretty similar to X-Men though, but I think I like this better. Miss Marvel is pretty sweet. Well anyways back on track. Today my manager called and asked me to take over Deanna’s shifts, apparently she quit. Oh well though, I didn’t get along with her that well anyways. It’s cool though, I get more hours! I have 36 hours this week, so my pay check will have a 2 at the beginnng this time! $_$ Some how my work compared to the money isn’t worth it, maybe it’s just cause I’ve already spent so much and I have nothing to really show for it except a sore back.

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