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Breaking point

She’s teething.

The fits are insane. She follows me around and then when I stop, she throws herself down to the ground. Added to that, school’s been out for a while so Niknik’s been home more and taking up more of my time. Dave’s been working both jobs with no days off, until today. I’ve been working on some stuff for my friend’s school project that I promised I would do and couldn’t back out of anymore. Plus, it’s that time of the month. Could you just see me breaking down really soon?

Too bad she didn’t teeth during the time the family was here, because then I’d get some help with her and everything else. Good thing is, Nik goes back to school tomorrow, I’ve finished the first part of the project, and Dave’s schedule is back to normal.

I feel so bad for her because there isn’t much we could do for her but give her some tylenol and console her. How do I know she is and was really teething this time? I’ve got proof. There’s a new tooth that just popped out.

That would make it tooth #7.


Getting Some Much Needed Sleep.

I know that just by posting this I’m jinxing myself, but I want to document this.

The past two days Maeby has been sleeping through the night. Normally she would wake up around 1:00AM and then again at 4:30AM or so. Then she gets up at 7:00AM and refuses to go back to sleep. After getting into bed past midnight every night, you may be able to imagine how tired I’ve been.

It’s been nice the past two mornings. I’ve been able to get just a little bit more sleep. I just hope that it continues. I need more sleep these days because I have to have the energy to keep up with Maeby and her big sister. They wear me out, but I love them. Believe me, they are lucky they are cute!!

Here’s a picture of Maeby wearing a cute t-shirt from a good friend of mine.


Believe me, she did.

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The Boss

This little one has one mean temper. When she wants something or wants you to know how mad she is, she starts screaming at you. If she can’t see you, she’ll scream as loud as she can to get your attention. She can really get pissed. I’m thinking she might get that from me, but I can’t be too sure.

She’s the new boss in the house. Poor Nik can’t compete.

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Today Lorelai ate her first little bowl of Cheerios. I was scared to give it to her at first, but I thought I should try. I had to give them to her one by one because whenever I gave her more, she’d shove as many of them as she can in her mouth.

Anyway, she loved them. That’s all.

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