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Cutest Daddy Photo Contest

Sometimes boredom causes me to enter photo contests even though I know I probably won’t win. Doesn’t matter because it’s fun to try. If I actually win, that would be awesome.

Today I entered this photo in the Cutest Daddy photo contest on and am now asking you all for your help.

show me "mad"... perfect!

If you think my photo is the cutest, go there and rate and recommend it before March 14, 2008 with however many stars you think it deserves. There might be a pop-up asking you to subscribe, but you don’t have to. Just close it and then vote for me! The higher the start count, the better. Personally, I think it deserves 5 stars, but maybe I’m being bias.

If the photo makes it to the top 5 after Round 1, we’ll go on to Round 2 where you can vote again. If that happens, I’ll let you all know. The winner will receive an 8GB iPod Nano. If that’s us, you’ll make one awesome 5-year-old so extremely happy.

So go now and vote! Then cross your fingers, toes, and anything else you’d think would help us win this contest.

*Note: Rating and recommending are two separate things. Please do both.


CSI Seattle

I woke up to the quiet words “Daddy. I need your help.” from the master bathroom. She has the cutest little voice, but there was something that worried me.

There was blood splattered on the wall, drops on the carpet, and some smeared on the edge of my towel as Niki reached for the light switch. The shower is running and Dave is cleaning up some of the mess. I get up and walk into the bathroom to see what happened. I pull back the shower curtain to find Niki with a bloody face. She had a bloody nose and couldn’t get it to stop this time.

I guess it’s been too dry in my apartment. Add the fact that Niki’s been sick all week and was super dehydrated despite my best efforts to get her to drink more liquids. This morning would make Day #3 she had a bloody nose. I immediately dug out the humidifiers, filled them and turned them on.

This isn’t the first time she’s had a bloody nose. She gets them every now and then. She gets them so much that she doesn’t freak out or anything. She’s quite the trooper for a five year old. She just goes to the bathroom, gets some tissue, covers her nose and lays down until it stops. That is what she did the first two mornings it happened, and I only knew about it because I saw some blood in the sink and on her shirt.

I’m sure if CSI came to Seattle, my apartment would make the perfect “crime scene”. Let me just say this, I’m not punching her THAT hard.


A happy surprise


  • Shopping while waiting for Dave. #
  • Wonky internet. #

Dave took the day off yesterday because he had another dentist appointment. He got to walk Niki to the bus in the morning for the first time. After that, I dropped him off. Maeby and I went shopping for things we needed, plus a few things we didn’t need but couldn’t pass up.

As an added surprise, Dave went with Maeby and I to wait for Niki at the bus stop after school. She had two stickers on her shirt for a job well done. I’m so proud of her. Then, we went out for Johnny Rocket burgers at lunchtime. Niki also got a strawberry-banana milkshake.

I think she was so happy for all the little surprises she got.

I can’t wait for her school pictures and the scholastic books we ordered to come in. I’m so excited.


Recipe for a good day


  • Hubby’s Bday. Another year of awesomeness. #
  • Waiting for Sister. #
  • The pool is nice. #

I decided to take the girls to the pool today. Nikisha got home from school at 11:45am along with the rest of the morning kindergarten classes. The rest of the kids get home from school around 3:30pm. The fact that all the other kids were still in school made it possible to go to the pool because there would most likely be no one else there.

As I suspected, we were the only ones there. Despite this fact, we still only stayed for 45 minutes and only played in the little pool that is only 1.5 feet deep. The girls still had fun. Lorelai even got to play in the water for a bit. Then she had me chase her around the pool. We did good and had fun. Maybe we’ll go again soon.

Today was also Dave’s birthday. After work he went with his co-workers to have a few drinks. On their way to the apartment afterwards, they picked up the PS3 for some Guitar Hero action. Amber bought the pizza and I supplied the beer. It was nice. No one got super drunk or anything and Dave had fun. The girls loved the company and I almost had a hard time putting Niki to bed.

Overall, it was a busy day, but at least it was a good one.