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Smile for silly things

  • mouse = matai! #
  • Raindrops keep falling on my head. *la lala lala lala laladoodoo doo* #
  • zombie mouse? #
  • almost fell off chair! #

Getting grossed out by Maeby’s drool all over it, my computer mouse went into a coma. Then, a few hours later, when the drool dried, it decided to come out of it. It was kind of funny describing it to Ams.

Ams and I started talking about Maeby’s 1st birthday party last night. We’re planning to get together on Sunday to further the planning. While we were discussing it, we started talking about silly stuff and somehow I almost fell of my chair. At one point we even talked about stealing Mandy.

Amber Kaipat: lol
Amber Kaipat: maybe.. you can get Mandy to come for that..
Amber Kaipat: and then trap her here.
Amber Kaipat: forever.
Amber Kaipat: :D

That would be so awesome if we could get Mandy to stay with us. She could get a job or go to school. OR BOTH! I could volunteer with Niki’s school or work. OR BOTH! Mandy, Amber and I can go to shows together and stroll the Seattle areas taking millions of pictures. When we take trips out of state, she can come with us. There’s so much we could do that listing it would be impossible.

There’s so much silliness surrounding me right now. There’s also so much opportunity to grow out here, for our family and our careers. It makes me quite jubilant to know that everything just might work out.

What else makes me happy? Walking in the rain.