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Turning inside out

  • tazamstone group chatty time #
  • Screaming & hollering.. Inside and out. #

How much longer do I have to go through this? I’m doing my best to be patient, but damn. I’m sick. They’re sick. Even he is sick. I’m trying not to scream.. too much. Good thing I’ve got friends to chat with while ignoring the world around me.


Teeth grinding

  • ohman. finished. nervous. #
  • ohman. a new tooth. #

I finished the first part of the project I’m helping my friend with. I was scared I might not, but I pulled through. I’m nervous what this might cause. Hopefully only good things.

Anyway, the baeby’s 7th tooth popped out over the past few days. It’s a big one in the back. Hopefully the pain will stop soon. Added to that, Niki has a tooth that popped out, too! One of her permanent molars. The insanity I’ve been enduring the past week is driving me to “pop out” my own tooth!

I love my little stinkers, though. So, I’ll figure out how to deal.


Don’t look back

  • ohman. I think they’ve actually gone this time. #

They weren’t supposed to stay this long, but events forced them to stay. A flat tire, for one. Convincing them to stay helped, too. Locking the doors and tying them down wasn’t necessary, though it was an option I kept in the back of my mind just incase. A visitor, a few trips to Fry’s, and fast creeping darkness worked with me to keep them here.

Problem is that some good things don’t last. Despite wanting to keep them all here forever, they had to leave. They all jumped into the car and didn’t look back, this time. I hope they are able to come back again soon because it was awesome having them here. I miss them already.


Oh what fun it us

  • stealing photos #
  • Omg. 4 kids & a teething Baeby! #

Copied all of Mandy and mom’s pictures from their cameras. I couldn’t let them leave with all those fancy photos without having a copy for myself, now could I?

I got to hang out for hours with 4 crazy kids and a teething baby. It wasn’t so bad, but when they did start to fight, I had them all sit in a row on the couch and wouldn’t let them leave it. I didn’t mind, though, because they’re awesome kids. I love them.


Smile for silly things

  • mouse = matai! #
  • Raindrops keep falling on my head. *la lala lala lala laladoodoo doo* #
  • zombie mouse? #
  • almost fell off chair! #

Getting grossed out by Maeby’s drool all over it, my computer mouse went into a coma. Then, a few hours later, when the drool dried, it decided to come out of it. It was kind of funny describing it to Ams.

Ams and I started talking about Maeby’s 1st birthday party last night. We’re planning to get together on Sunday to further the planning. While we were discussing it, we started talking about silly stuff and somehow I almost fell of my chair. At one point we even talked about stealing Mandy.

Amber Kaipat: lol
Amber Kaipat: maybe.. you can get Mandy to come for that..
Amber Kaipat: and then trap her here.
Amber Kaipat: forever.
Amber Kaipat: :D

That would be so awesome if we could get Mandy to stay with us. She could get a job or go to school. OR BOTH! I could volunteer with Niki’s school or work. OR BOTH! Mandy, Amber and I can go to shows together and stroll the Seattle areas taking millions of pictures. When we take trips out of state, she can come with us. There’s so much we could do that listing it would be impossible.

There’s so much silliness surrounding me right now. There’s also so much opportunity to grow out here, for our family and our careers. It makes me quite jubilant to know that everything just might work out.

What else makes me happy? Walking in the rain.


Good things for good people


  • Cross-Stitching #
  • Excited for Mom #
  • ok. the sore throat is finally hitting. #
  • tummy ache :’( #

Mom called today to tell me about her great news. She got a whole bunch of really nice things for her house for free. All she needs to do is the labor to get them out and bring them home. She spoke of a hot tub, cabinets, a glass chandelier, sinks, toilets and so much more. I’m so freaking excited for her. I wish I was there to help her. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

She’s been through so many battles lately, physically and emotionally. It hurts me to see her that way because she’s such an awesome person. She, of all people, doesn’t deserve all the pain she endures regularly.

Deep inside my heart I hope that things change for the better for her. I wish those around her would open their eyes and see that she only wants good things for them. If only they would listen to her words of wisdom and do what’s right for themselves and those they influence daily. She doesn’t say the things she does just to be mean. She says them because she worries the wrong path is being paved and followed. She says them because she cares and only wants the truth to be known, even if it hurts.

I wish people would stop thinking only of themselves and start thinking about others. Stop and think about what their actions and words are doing to those that see and hear them.

Mom: don’t stop trying to make things better in this world, but please don’t let it destroy you. You are only one person and can only do so much before it’s fatal. Do know that Dave and I love you and hate to see you hurt for such awful reasons. Remember that, even though we’re farther away, we’ll always be here for you. Even if it is only in thought and verbal comfort.


A happy surprise


  • Shopping while waiting for Dave. #
  • Wonky internet. #

Dave took the day off yesterday because he had another dentist appointment. He got to walk Niki to the bus in the morning for the first time. After that, I dropped him off. Maeby and I went shopping for things we needed, plus a few things we didn’t need but couldn’t pass up.

As an added surprise, Dave went with Maeby and I to wait for Niki at the bus stop after school. She had two stickers on her shirt for a job well done. I’m so proud of her. Then, we went out for Johnny Rocket burgers at lunchtime. Niki also got a strawberry-banana milkshake.

I think she was so happy for all the little surprises she got.

I can’t wait for her school pictures and the scholastic books we ordered to come in. I’m so excited.


The END is near…

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and we must all go.

  • trying to get mandy to come over #
  • Going Pro #
  • Time to get Nik already?! #
  • leftover pizza for lunch… and possibly dinner. omg *dies* #

I’ve been trying to get Mandy to come over and stay a while. Maybe she’ll like it here and decide to move in with us. Tried tempting her with The End but it doesn’t seem to be enough. I know she’d love it out here. She could probably find a better job out here than over there. There are also really good schools out here, or so I’ve been told. Someone even told me there is an awesome art school she could go to. Plus, we could go to shows together. I really would like to go to some with her. We’d both have an awesome time.

I guess I could just keep trying. At least until I give up.

Anyway, I upgraded my Flickr account to Pro. The free account was holding me back. Now, the possibilities are endless. Okay, so I’m exaggerating, but still, this will be so much better.


Recipe for a good day


  • Hubby’s Bday. Another year of awesomeness. #
  • Waiting for Sister. #
  • The pool is nice. #

I decided to take the girls to the pool today. Nikisha got home from school at 11:45am along with the rest of the morning kindergarten classes. The rest of the kids get home from school around 3:30pm. The fact that all the other kids were still in school made it possible to go to the pool because there would most likely be no one else there.

As I suspected, we were the only ones there. Despite this fact, we still only stayed for 45 minutes and only played in the little pool that is only 1.5 feet deep. The girls still had fun. Lorelai even got to play in the water for a bit. Then she had me chase her around the pool. We did good and had fun. Maybe we’ll go again soon.

Today was also Dave’s birthday. After work he went with his co-workers to have a few drinks. On their way to the apartment afterwards, they picked up the PS3 for some Guitar Hero action. Amber bought the pizza and I supplied the beer. It was nice. No one got super drunk or anything and Dave had fun. The girls loved the company and I almost had a hard time putting Niki to bed.

Overall, it was a busy day, but at least it was a good one.