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My Little Monster

A Letter to Nikisha (5 years 2 months):


My Little Monster,

Yes Sweetheart, you read that right. I called you a monster, because that is what you are 2/3 of the day. That doesn’t stop me from loving every ounce of your little being. I can’t even begin to describe the emotions I’ve felt throughout the years because of you.

You’ve given me life and a reason to reach for the stars. Your crazy little quirks remind me why you are so awesome. You are so freaking smart that sometimes I don’t know what to do with you.

When you are not happy with Mommy or Daddy, you let it be known. Recently you drew a picture and said it meant “No Daddy Allowed” because you were mad at him for getting mad at you. I think it might have hurt Daddy’s feelings a little, but it was cute. I like how you draw pictures to express how you are feeling at the time even if sometimes they have sad or crying faces.

I’m trying to understand why you do things backwards. When you write your name, you write it backwards from right to left. You could read it perfectly fine… if you hold it up to the mirror. I asked you what time it was the other day only to find out that you read the numbers backwards. It wasn’t as late as I thought and I was already rushing you to get ready for bed. I’m going to take it as a sign of ingenious behavior. Maybe you’ll be a little Einstein.

You started school earlier this month. What a big girl you were. No tears on your first day, only excitement. You even got upset when I picked you up afterwards because you wanted to ride the bus. You seem to enjoy riding the bus to and from school. You’ve already received a Sparkle ticket and then won the Sparkle Award all in the same week. Most of your homework is a piece of cake for you, probably because you have the best teacher ever at home. Your Daddy. You now know how to write your whole first name, but for some reason you always put a “I <3 U” at the end. I’m not complaining, though, it’s cute.

That day you insisted on going to school even though you threw up just minutes before we had to leave the apartment was amazing to me. If I had been in your situation, I would have stayed home.

Nik, you have a constant stream of amazing things flowing from you. Even though you can drive me crazy with little effort, you amaze me even more.


Storm Trooper


This morning Nikisha woke up with a tummy ache. I asked her if it was because she was hungry. She said it was, so I gave her some cereal and milk. When she finished, I had her brush her teeth. She did, but just as I was telling her to get dressed, she quickly put her hands to her mouth and said “Mommy. I need to blow up!”.

She rushed to the restroom, closed the door and threw up. When she is finished, I had her wash out her mouth. I told her that she didn’t have to go to school if she’s sick and that she can stay home with her sister and me. She shook her head side-to-side and said she didn’t want to stay home. She wanted to go to school.

She said something along the lines of “I blow up three times. Then four didn’t come. I’m better now” and it was so darn cute I had to laugh a little.

She got dressed and we headed out to the bus stop. It was sprinkling and there was a light fog, so when we got to the bus stop, I asked Nik if it was okay for mommy and baby to go stand in front of the office where the rain won’t get us. At first she was scared, but I told her that I’ll be right where she can see me and I’ll be watching until she gets on the bus and it leaves. She agreed to it and gave me a big hug and kiss. I stood at the office watching as the bus arrived, the line started moving, and Nik timidly made her way to it. Since she was small and slightly scared, everyone kept passing her, but overall she did great.

She made it through the 3.5 hours she was gone without having to throw up again. She got home and couldn’t wait to tell me the new rhyme she learned in school.

“C is for cow. C is for cat. C is for caterpillar.. on my hat!”

I’m so proud of my little trooper.


A happy surprise


  • Shopping while waiting for Dave. #
  • Wonky internet. #

Dave took the day off yesterday because he had another dentist appointment. He got to walk Niki to the bus in the morning for the first time. After that, I dropped him off. Maeby and I went shopping for things we needed, plus a few things we didn’t need but couldn’t pass up.

As an added surprise, Dave went with Maeby and I to wait for Niki at the bus stop after school. She had two stickers on her shirt for a job well done. I’m so proud of her. Then, we went out for Johnny Rocket burgers at lunchtime. Niki also got a strawberry-banana milkshake.

I think she was so happy for all the little surprises she got.

I can’t wait for her school pictures and the scholastic books we ordered to come in. I’m so excited.


Made for walking



Recipe for a good day


  • Hubby’s Bday. Another year of awesomeness. #
  • Waiting for Sister. #
  • The pool is nice. #

I decided to take the girls to the pool today. Nikisha got home from school at 11:45am along with the rest of the morning kindergarten classes. The rest of the kids get home from school around 3:30pm. The fact that all the other kids were still in school made it possible to go to the pool because there would most likely be no one else there.

As I suspected, we were the only ones there. Despite this fact, we still only stayed for 45 minutes and only played in the little pool that is only 1.5 feet deep. The girls still had fun. Lorelai even got to play in the water for a bit. Then she had me chase her around the pool. We did good and had fun. Maybe we’ll go again soon.

Today was also Dave’s birthday. After work he went with his co-workers to have a few drinks. On their way to the apartment afterwards, they picked up the PS3 for some Guitar Hero action. Amber bought the pizza and I supplied the beer. It was nice. No one got super drunk or anything and Dave had fun. The girls loved the company and I almost had a hard time putting Niki to bed.

Overall, it was a busy day, but at least it was a good one.


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