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Alone once again

The apartment is quiet again. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and I’m already feeling kind of lonely. It was nice to have someone hang out with every day. Don’t laugh, but my mother-in-law is one of my closest friends. She gets me when others don’t.

Maybe it might be too much to do for a longer period of time, but the 9 days they were here was nice for all of us. Dave enjoyed not having to do anything (but work) and I told him he was getting too spoiled. I got to hang out with Mom almost the whole time they were here. The kids, though they did end up fighting a lot, had a load of fun and I wish it didn’t end. We actually spent most of the 9 days cramped in the tiny apartment together, which seemed really small, but it was hard for anyone to run and hide. Which is nice considering we hardly ever all hang out and it was about time we did. Too bad some of the others didn’t make it.

Hopefully the next time they are all out here to visit, we’ll have a house of our own that will be able to fit everyone in it. Maybe they’ll even consider coming to stay.

Oh my. I have so many pictures from the when everyone was here that I don’t even know where to start and what to put up. I even stole Mom and Mandy’s pictures. Just from them alone I got over 1,000 pictures. Holy! I’ve got to get moving.


Don’t look back

  • ohman. I think they’ve actually gone this time. #

They weren’t supposed to stay this long, but events forced them to stay. A flat tire, for one. Convincing them to stay helped, too. Locking the doors and tying them down wasn’t necessary, though it was an option I kept in the back of my mind just incase. A visitor, a few trips to Fry’s, and fast creeping darkness worked with me to keep them here.

Problem is that some good things don’t last. Despite wanting to keep them all here forever, they had to leave. They all jumped into the car and didn’t look back, this time. I hope they are able to come back again soon because it was awesome having them here. I miss them already.


Oh what fun it us

  • stealing photos #
  • Omg. 4 kids & a teething Baeby! #

Copied all of Mandy and mom’s pictures from their cameras. I couldn’t let them leave with all those fancy photos without having a copy for myself, now could I?

I got to hang out for hours with 4 crazy kids and a teething baby. It wasn’t so bad, but when they did start to fight, I had them all sit in a row on the couch and wouldn’t let them leave it. I didn’t mind, though, because they’re awesome kids. I love them.


Party Success

The party turned out great despite the fact that I forgot to put out the sour cream and guacamole. Amsister came to my rescue and helped me out with the cooking and setting up, while Dave and Niknik finished up the decorating. We were a bit late on the schedule, but what do you expect? We live stateside, but we were programmed since before we were born with the Guam-time motto. If the party is scheduled to start at a certain time, you arrive or start the party two hours later.

Tacos, pizza, and fruity nachos. Yum.

We had fun. The kids had fun. The food was good. The company was great. We didn’t get to do all that I wanted, and the company started to depart before we could open the presents, but it was still great.

Despite the success, I’m not doing this again for a long time. It was way too much for one person to handle. I got lucky Ams was there to help me sprint to the finish.

On that note, Mom Auayan likes Ams. She senses that Ams is a good person. I agree. Besides, mom’s never wrong when it comes to first impressions.

Tomorrow is Maeby’s actual birthday. She will have a cake all to herself. It’s a soy chocolate cake. It looks tasty.

Pictures from today and tomorrow will be up soon. Promise.


Head Injury

Today Niki got her first injury at school.

She brought home a note explaining what happened, what they did, and how she felt.

“Nikisha fell down while trying to get the ball at kickball. We put ice on Nikisha’s head for 15 to 20 minutes in the clinic. She felt good & wanted to go back to class.” ~ the School Nurse

They included some symptoms to look out for and should said symptoms occur, we should contact her doctor or emergency room physician.

She’s fine, so don’t worry. Just thought I’d share with you all the news.


Wishful job hunting

Lately, I’ve been searching the job listings looking for a part time job I can do when Dave’s at home. It’s not just for the money, I hope you know. We need insurance for the girls, which we don’t have because we are no longer getting state assistance. I also have this need to work. I can’t stand NOT working because it makes me antsy. I guess you can call me a workaholic. I’ve ‘officially’ worked since I was 14, which is over 13 years ago, but I’ve been doing odd jobs for family since I was 8. I used to eat up overtime like it was candy and hated when I didn’t get enough.

I’ve also been considering getting a full time job because it’ll help us out more. Problem is, I’d have to put the girls in a daycare because I don’t know anyone who could babysit in-home. I don’t want to hire just some random person to babysit, and I’d have to do some serious researching to find a daycare I can trust. It’s hard to consider and is a very scary subject.

I’ve seen a lot of jobs I might be able to do. I’ve also seen a few jobs I’m PERFECT for. I just found out that Wizards (of the Coast) is hiring a temp Administrative Assistant and they are asking me if I want the job. Problem is, I can’t just apply because if I got the job, I wouldn’t know what to do about my girls.

So, you can see why I’m getting frustrated that I can’t work, right? Anyone want to help me figure this whole thing out.


The Kindergartner



The FUN pack


Scholastic Books order #2 of 3


Junie B. Jones


Scholastic Books order #1 of 3
(not including books bought at book fair)


Smile for silly things

  • mouse = matai! #
  • Raindrops keep falling on my head. *la lala lala lala laladoodoo doo* #
  • zombie mouse? #
  • almost fell off chair! #

Getting grossed out by Maeby’s drool all over it, my computer mouse went into a coma. Then, a few hours later, when the drool dried, it decided to come out of it. It was kind of funny describing it to Ams.

Ams and I started talking about Maeby’s 1st birthday party last night. We’re planning to get together on Sunday to further the planning. While we were discussing it, we started talking about silly stuff and somehow I almost fell of my chair. At one point we even talked about stealing Mandy.

Amber Kaipat: lol
Amber Kaipat: maybe.. you can get Mandy to come for that..
Amber Kaipat: and then trap her here.
Amber Kaipat: forever.
Amber Kaipat: :D

That would be so awesome if we could get Mandy to stay with us. She could get a job or go to school. OR BOTH! I could volunteer with Niki’s school or work. OR BOTH! Mandy, Amber and I can go to shows together and stroll the Seattle areas taking millions of pictures. When we take trips out of state, she can come with us. There’s so much we could do that listing it would be impossible.

There’s so much silliness surrounding me right now. There’s also so much opportunity to grow out here, for our family and our careers. It makes me quite jubilant to know that everything just might work out.

What else makes me happy? Walking in the rain.


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