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A child’s senses

This morning’s conversation:

Niki: Eyes are for looking.
Me: Ears are for..
Niki: hearing..
Me: Hands are for..
Niki: touching..
Me: A mouth is for..
Niki (cuts in): eating ice cream!

27 years I thought the mouth was for kissing, how naive.


Cutest Daddy Photo Contest

Sometimes boredom causes me to enter photo contests even though I know I probably won’t win. Doesn’t matter because it’s fun to try. If I actually win, that would be awesome.

Today I entered this photo in the Cutest Daddy photo contest on and am now asking you all for your help.

show me "mad"... perfect!

If you think my photo is the cutest, go there and rate and recommend it before March 14, 2008 with however many stars you think it deserves. There might be a pop-up asking you to subscribe, but you don’t have to. Just close it and then vote for me! The higher the start count, the better. Personally, I think it deserves 5 stars, but maybe I’m being bias.

If the photo makes it to the top 5 after Round 1, we’ll go on to Round 2 where you can vote again. If that happens, I’ll let you all know. The winner will receive an 8GB iPod Nano. If that’s us, you’ll make one awesome 5-year-old so extremely happy.

So go now and vote! Then cross your fingers, toes, and anything else you’d think would help us win this contest.

*Note: Rating and recommending are two separate things. Please do both.


Nikisha da Vinci part 2


We buy her sketchpads to encourage her creativity. We bought her this before the easle.


CSI Seattle

I woke up to the quiet words “Daddy. I need your help.” from the master bathroom. She has the cutest little voice, but there was something that worried me.

There was blood splattered on the wall, drops on the carpet, and some smeared on the edge of my towel as Niki reached for the light switch. The shower is running and Dave is cleaning up some of the mess. I get up and walk into the bathroom to see what happened. I pull back the shower curtain to find Niki with a bloody face. She had a bloody nose and couldn’t get it to stop this time.

I guess it’s been too dry in my apartment. Add the fact that Niki’s been sick all week and was super dehydrated despite my best efforts to get her to drink more liquids. This morning would make Day #3 she had a bloody nose. I immediately dug out the humidifiers, filled them and turned them on.

This isn’t the first time she’s had a bloody nose. She gets them every now and then. She gets them so much that she doesn’t freak out or anything. She’s quite the trooper for a five year old. She just goes to the bathroom, gets some tissue, covers her nose and lays down until it stops. That is what she did the first two mornings it happened, and I only knew about it because I saw some blood in the sink and on her shirt.

I’m sure if CSI came to Seattle, my apartment would make the perfect “crime scene”. Let me just say this, I’m not punching her THAT hard.


Turning inside out

  • tazamstone group chatty time #
  • Screaming & hollering.. Inside and out. #

How much longer do I have to go through this? I’m doing my best to be patient, but damn. I’m sick. They’re sick. Even he is sick. I’m trying not to scream.. too much. Good thing I’ve got friends to chat with while ignoring the world around me.


The Baeby, the Sissy and the Pantry.

Lorelai climbs into the bottom pantry and disappears. I call to Dave and say,
“Look. The baeby is going to Narnia”
. This happened about a month ago.

Last night, she climbed in again, but Niki saw her this time. She calls out to me and says,

“Mommy! The baeby’s going to California again!”


Shake Like Jelly

Videos from Niki’s 2007 Winter Concert.
She was awesome. I loved every second of it.


    We want to see Santa do the mambo, the mambo
    See santa do the mambo, the mambo
    See santa do the mambo, the mambo
    Mambo Santa Clause


    You don’t have to bring me a choo choo train
    My Sis don’t want a toy
    Mom don’t want a diamond ring
    And Papa just wants some joy


    We like your tummy big and round
    Your kisses have got around
    Just want to see you mambo and
    I hope you won’t let us down


    Well my Papa does the mambo on a cane
    My Mom is learning too
    You shouldn’t feel anything cause
    We can do the mambo too



    Snowflakes falling from the sky,
    From the sky, from the sky
    Snowflakes falling from the sky,
    To the earth below

    Watch them as the dance and whirl,
    Dance and whirl, dance and whirl
    Watch them as the dance and whirl,
    Soft white winter snow


    Let’s sing a winter song, let’s sing a winter song,
    The days are short, the nights are long,
    Let’s sing a winter song.

    The winter wind is cold, the winter wind is cold
    It freezes noses, ears, and toes.
    The winter wind is cold.

    Winter now is here, winter now is here
    Put on your coat, your hat, your gloves
    Winter now is here.

*A few pics from the concert.
**Bonus video from Nik’s 5th grade mentor/friend, Jenna: Hip Hop Reindeer

Sorry about the quality of the videos.. I had to compress them to upload them. If you want the originals, let me know and I might just email them to you.


Grand Love



Teeth grinding

  • ohman. finished. nervous. #
  • ohman. a new tooth. #

I finished the first part of the project I’m helping my friend with. I was scared I might not, but I pulled through. I’m nervous what this might cause. Hopefully only good things.

Anyway, the baeby’s 7th tooth popped out over the past few days. It’s a big one in the back. Hopefully the pain will stop soon. Added to that, Niki has a tooth that popped out, too! One of her permanent molars. The insanity I’ve been enduring the past week is driving me to “pop out” my own tooth!

I love my little stinkers, though. So, I’ll figure out how to deal.


Night Fright

Letter to Nikisha (5 years 3 months):


Sweet Little Niki,

You’re growing up way too fast. Every time I look at you, I wonder where the time went. Then all of a sudden, you remind me that you’re still small and vulnerable. You still need us even though sometimes it seems like you don’t.

This past month something happened. Maybe it’s the sound of the cars driving by, or the people’s voices as they walk past our apartment, or maybe it’s something else. All I know is you’re back to crawling into our bed because you’re scared and don’t want to sleep alone. Some nights, after we lay you down to sleep, you cry and cry. It’s not a fake cry, but almost a pleading for us not to leave you alone. It breaks my heart, but I can’t figure out how to make things better.

One night, when I told you it was time to sleep, I had laid your sister down next to you so I could put your clothes away. You were so happy that I did and said to me “Thank you, Mommy, for letting my sissy sleep with me”. When I told you she couldn’t because she could fall off your bed, you began to cry that pleading cry. It broke my heart even more knowing that you would even settle for having your sister, who is just a baby and much smaller than you, sleep with you. I explained to you that she couldn’t because she’s been extra cranky lately and refuses to sleep in her own bed. Then you asked to sleep with us. I explained that our bed isn’t big enough for the four of us because you and your sister are getting too big. You looked so sad and I knew you would end up in our bed sometime in the night while we were asleep. So, I gave in just a little, and made a bed on the floor with a comforter and pillow. As you laid down and crawled under your blanket, you closed your eyes and had the most content look on your cute little face. It lightened my heart and the weight on my shoulders, even if it was only a temporary fix. Looks like that little “bed” will be there for you for whenever you get scared, but I’ll still have you go to sleep in your own bed and hope that this fear goes away.

Let me not leave out what drives me crazy about you, for it wouldn’t be fair to either of us. You are far from being the perfect little angel I make you out to be sometimes. Not that you aren’t awesome, because you most definitely are.

This is the highest point you’ve hit on the ‘I want’ phase. Almost every single toy commercial expels that constantly growing despised ‘Wow! I want that!’ phrase from your cute little mouth. Saying ‘no’ doesn’t work anymore because you just start whining knowing it gets on my nerves. I’ve even tried compromising with you. I first explain that there is no space in your bedroom for anymore toys. If you let me get rid of some of the toys you have now, maybe we’ll get something new. You say yes, so we head into your room and I ask you to choose a bunch of toys you would like to trade. You say okay and get to work, but after going through the huge lot of toys you have, you pick out two or three of the smallest toys possible. The rest end up right back into your toy bin. I also noticed that some of the toys you chose to give away were your sister’s!


Your cousins Alicia and Baby Josh came to visit. They came for your sister’s first birthday, but stayed a whole week and two days. You got to go Trick-or-Treating with them after dressing up as a Princess Kitty. You couldn’t decide on what you wanted to be, so you just put both of your costumes together. You all had so much fun during their visit that I wish it hadn’t ended.

I know that you and Alicia missed each other so much. You kept asking if we can go visit her. She said she wanted to go to school with you. Oh how I would love to have her and her brother stay with us. I know she would love school so much more because you’ll be there with her. She’ll see how much you love it and want to love it just as much as you. She’ll feel the love our family has amongst us and be a part of it. Our love is and always will be unconditional. Never fleeting, always without reason except just because. Not because we feel we have to love them, but because they are meant to be loved. I wish we could give them that, but our hands are tied. Hopefully someday they will know the life you live everyday and live the same way.

That was the original plan, staying together with them at your grandparents’ house, instead of moving here to Seattle. Problem is, things beyond my control forced us to make the difficult decision of changing our plans and actually moving us farther away from your cousins instead of closer. If you ever want to know why, I’ll tell you personally, but not here. It’s not something that should be shared with the world. All I can say is that the events leading up to our decision is embedded in my mind forever though I wish they would disappear. I just hope that it will fade from yours as time goes by.

Believe me when I say that I may not be able to give you everything you want and most definitely deserve, but I will do my best to teach you how to survive in this world. I will teach you how to live life to the fullest and take chances. I will teach you how to make decisions on your own. There may be times when I do the wrong thing, but I hope you’ll forgive me because I’m doing my best to do what’s right. Please know that I fight with myself all the time to do what’s right and not do things with selfish intentions. The things I do are for what I feel is best for you even if it’s not what’s best for me. I will always put you first when you need to be put there. You, your sister and your father are my highest priority, and I will drag myself through a road of broken glass if that is what’s best for the three of you.

Listen to me, crappy sappy mushiness flowing through my fingertips through this keyboard and onto the screen. I want to delete it all so you don’t think your mother is a big softy, but it is who I am and always will be even if it doesn’t always seem like it.


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